Strong functionality makes it

more than a shoe cabinet

A new experience of smart home

Patent No.: new-type No. M571692

  • Warm air drying

  • Sterilization and deodorization

  • Advertising

  • Touch screen

  • Weather reminder

  • USB interface

Intelligent shoe cabinet with a new touch display

Seven-inch luxurious touch screen invites you to experience smart life with your fingertips

A new channel for indoor advertising

The touch screen can cyclically broadcast advertisements, support two modes of

picture and video, and increase the advertising revenue of businesses.

Sterilization and deodorization bring you a breath of fresh air

Sterilization and deodorization are provided to shoes through ozone, so as to maintain fresh indoor air

The strong warm air dries the shoes rapidly

The advanced warm air circulation system drives out dampness within the shoes and makes them drier and more comfortable

Dry and store umbrellas

The warm air system dries the umbrella and easily accommodates both long-handled and folding umbrellas

The wooden texture is easily integrated into diversified indoor environments

The well-chosen walnut patterns are suitable for multiple locations, such as hotels, private homes and foot massage salons

With a stylish appearance, it is exclusively designed for the hotel

The intelligent shoe cabinet provides customers with a smart home experience,

increases the added value of restaurants, and improves the rating of hotels

Placement area for personal belongings

It stores objects like keys, wallet and mobile phone easily, so you no longer have to worry about losing them

The double USB interfaces maintain a full battery for mobile phones

Supports the simultaneous charging of two mobile phones, so you no longer have to worry about battery power

The built-in hooks realize simultaneous drying of both shoes and socks

Removes moisture from inside to outside, to make the feet dry and comfortable

Circulation of the cold and warm air

The cold and warm air process alternates, thus drying shoes and socks more effectively

Product number:YCXG0001

Product color:Black+Walnut

Net weight:21KG

Product size (L * W * H): 550mm*350mm*785mm

Voltage frequency:110V/AC 60HZ

Standby power:3W

Single heating power of the shoe cabinet:380W

Single heating power of the umbrella cabinet:380W